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Start trading EDI files with your business partners today. Become EDI compliant easily and efficiently.  

Electronic Data Interchange

Simplified EDI Integration Process

In working with multiple trading partners, RxERP has created a process to integrate EDI easier, faster, more cost efficient. 

Strategic Partnership. RxERP has partnered with a flexible EDI middleware to facilitate the integration process with thousands of trading partners. Having a single middleware allows you to easily integrate with a network. All brought to you at a discounted rate, simply for being a RxERP customer!

EDI Benefits. There are many benefits for using EDI. Some benefits are: 

  • Meeting industry expectations

  • Communicating with trading partners efficiently

  • Reducing errors and manual data entry

  • Improving order fulfillment 

  • Improving customer and trading partner satisfaction 

  • Attracting and retaining new business (some organizations will only do business with you if you are EDI compliant)

  • Saving money, time and labor

  • Providing real time data for reporting

  • Minimizing chargeback fees

  • Enabling your business to handle more customers and suppliers

  • Becoming compliant with highly regulated industries including pharmaceutical and healthcare. 

Looking to become EDI Compliant?

Join us and start trading EDI files with your trading partners today.

Primary EDI Formats

  • 832 - Product Catalog & Price List

  • 810 - Invoices

  • 850 - Purchase Orders

  • 997 - Functional Acknowledgement

  • 844 - Product Transfer Account Adjustment, where applicable

  • 849 - Response to Product Transfer Account Adjustment


  • 855 - Purchase Order Acknowledgement

  • 856 - Shipping Notice / DSCSA Compliance (Pharmaceutical)

  • 846 - Inventory Inquiry/Advice

  • 852 - Product Activity Data Set

  • 820 - Payment Order/ Remittance Advice Transaction Set


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the trading of business files and documents, for example, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Price Lists, Product Catalogs, between trading partners, in a standardized format, directly from one computer to another.

A Trading Partner is simply a business partner that you exchange files with. Therefore, a Trading Partner (TP) can be either a supplier, a customer, or both.

EDI is utilized in about all major sectors including Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Retail, Finance, etc. It is viewed as the standard for the electronic trade of documents between organizations worldwide.

EDI can be implemented almost immediately, contingent upon the type of EDI solution that is chosen. For example, by using our EDI middleware solution, it allows you to easily start sending and receiving EDI files.

Other frameworks will need additional software and programming to be introduced on your organization’s system that will at that point permit communication with your back-office frameworks.

The short answer is, NO! EDI solutions are considered universal following a number of guideline standards. RxERP's EDI partner can communicate with basically any system! Therefore, you should be free to choose your EDI partner according to your business profile and needs.

It all depends on whether you choose to outsource or to implement an in-house EDI solution. Outsourcing is generally the most cost-efficient choice. It allows you to save on infrastructure, staff training and support. If you decide to implement an in-house EDI solution, you may want to consider the cost for software, hardware, and staff. In-house EDI is usually a choice amongst large companies that have the necessary budget and staff to operate and support their EDI needs.