Better manage leads
with marketing automation

Nurture all of your prospects with a personal and targeted message

Generate new opportunities effortlessly
Streamline your marketing & take care of your leads 24/7

Marketing Campaigns

Formulate elaborate and advanced marketing campaigns that are centered around your prospects.


Easily create different messages and segment them so that you’re sending the right message to the right person at the right time.


Visualize your workflow thanks to detailed diagrams and stay in control of your marketing strategy.

Deliver a message that resonates with your prospects
Create advanced and personal emails that don’t look automated

Use triggers to give your prospects what they need

Customize your campaigns and define automated actions (e.g. ask a salesperson to call, send an email or set up a reminder) based on triggers (no activity for 20 days, answer to a promotional email, report of issue, etc.)

Adjust your message to your prospect’s profile

Adapt to the buyer’s decision journey by sending targeted and personalized emails. Dynamically change email content based on a prospect’s score, industry, page visited, job title, or even their position within the sales cycle.

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Shorten your sales cycle

Manage your prospects better by combining lead scoring and lead automation

Set up lead nurturing campaigns to stay in touch with prospects who are not ready to talk to your sales representatives. Use lead scoring to send meaningful and relevant messages to prospects that are not considered hot enough. As soon as you decide they are “ready for sales”, they will be automatically handed over to the appropriate sales representative, ensuring a high quality pipeline.

Follow the ROI of all your marketing activities

Make smarter decisions thanks to our powerful analytics reports

Stop relying on guesswork and know exactly which marketing drives produce the best results. Connect your closed deals to their original campaign or message in order to find out what has been the most successful and avoid wasting resources. Get a full overview on all your marketing activities, easily interpret your statistics and analyze the results thanks to a comprehensive dashboard and custom reports.

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